Robert D. Flanagan


Bob has always found writing a profound spiritual activity. Since the beginning of this century, Bob has prepared and given hundreds of sermons, at times preaching up to fifty times a year. A growing voice in the scholarly fields of Christian spirituality and evangelism, he has also published articles, taught several seminary classes, and led adults Bible studies at area churches. Throughout his life, Bob has also written poetry and spiritual devotions.

Bob is excited to announce the publication of Courage to Thrive: Discovering Your True Self (Spring 2024). It's a thirty-six-day journey of self-exploration by which readers will discover themselves anew. Daily studies examine a new relationship to find out what the relationship says that I am. Using biblical texts, readers will see themselves through the complex web of relations with others, their bodies, minds, and spirits, and with God and the Other. The book shows how Christians learn to know themselves, not by separating from others and the world but by seeing how they connect to everyone and everything.

What if Peter was more than a pillar of Christianity but also a high-ordered mystic? In The Letters of an Unexpected Mystic, readers will see Peter in a new and more complete light. The book is a 2023 Selah award finalist and a fascinating look at Peter through Romano Guardini's Threefold Seeing. It's a must-read for anyone seeking a deeper spiritual awareness through a Christian lens.


As I earned my doctorate in Christian Spirituality, I increased my involvement with the American Foundation for Spiritual Prevention (AFSP). I became a lead advocate for the AFSP chapter in Connecticut, meeting with state and federal legislators to promote suicide prevention legislation. Drawing on my own experiences of anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and suicidal ideation, I promoted important legislation. As I learned more about the way to prevent suicides, I was inspired to write Courage to Thrive.


Upon completing his doctorate, I realized Peter was a mystic. More than that, First and Second Peter included a robust, empowered, beautiful mystical theology. My challenge was to unearth it using an effective methodology. When I discovered the threefold seeing as outlined by Romano Guardini through the scholarly work of Yvonne Dohna Schlobitten, I knew I could bring to life Peter's mystical theology. Peter's mystical theology reflects God's active presence in his life, and I hope your encounter with his theology will do the same for you.


After raising our kids into adolescence and working with hundreds of young people, my family and I were reaching again outward. In my work, I discovered spiritual intelligence, more than IQ, determines life satisfaction and meaning for young people. I developed practical ways parents could help their children discover more significance and happiness through spiritual practices. The devotions found in Growing a Soul give parents the means to raise their children’s spiritual quotient.

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