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Growing a Soul
By: Robert D. Flanagan

You send your children to school, help them with homework, and save for their college years — all in the hope they will grow to be smart and successful adults. But as recent studies have shown, a child’s intelligence quotient (IQ) is just part of the equation necessary for a fulfilling life. Equally important is your child’s SQ, or spiritual quotient.
But how do you build an SQ? That’s where Growing a Soul comes in. Through detailed instruction, Bob Flanagan provides hands-on ways you can grow your child’s spirituality. Activities as simple as modeling godly behavior, joining your child in prayer, and encouraging your child to understand the Lord’s Supper more deeply are explained in this easy-to-follow resource. A bonus section includes forty daily devotionals designed for you to use with your family during Lent.
Growing a Soul will increase your child’s SQ – and bring both of you closer to God.

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