Robert D. Flanagan

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Courage to Thrive: Finding Joy and Hope in the Midst of Mental Health Struggles
By: Robert D. Flanagan

These meditations plant a seed of peace in the heart of the reader. And don't we all need an extra dose of peace these days? Without shying away from the depth of human suffering, Bob Flanagan offers wise and gentle words of hope.

--Donyelle McCray

Assistant Professor of Homiletics, Yale Divinity School

When wrestling with depression and anxiety, getting out of bed is a courageous move. When panic attacks and suicidal thoughts strike, finding victories in the small things of life and reframing feelings can help a person flourish even in the midst of mental health struggles. Rev. Dr. Bob Flanagan knows all about that--he's spent two decades combatting mental illness head on.

In his first-person spiritual journal Courage to Thrive, Flanagan takes the reader with him as he traverses the dark and scary landscape of his mind and then the paths of faith that lead him to the Source of light and hope. Through a vulnerable look at the realities of a priest battling mental illness and still thriving, readers-whether dealing with similar mental health challenges or the stressors of everyday life – are left with a quiet confidence that assures them they too can thrive and enjoy the gifts God has given them.

Each of the forty reflections concludes with a heartfelt prayer that revels in God's healing mercies. Join Flanagan on a journey to joy, peace, and hope.

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