Robert D. Flanagan

“We thrive when we relate to who and what is around us in a healthy manner. We can discover ourselves—who we are—in beautiful, elegant, hope-filled, positive ways … If you diligently pursue the Bible studies that follow, you will be drawn to a new way of being and the Spirit will urge you to accept and embrace it. ” Robert D. Flanagan ~ Courage to Thrive

Welcome to the official website of Rev. Dr. Robert D. Flanagan, also known as Father “Bob Flanagan.” An esteemed Episcopal priest and author, Father Flanagan has dedicated his life to spiritual transformation and caring for others. With a profound connection to his faith and an unwavering commitment to helping those in need, he has touched countless lives through his ministry, writings, and teachings. Bob’s book, “Letters of an Unexpected Mystic," was a 2023 Selah book award finalist in the Bible study category.

Whether you're here to explore his thought-provoking inspiration, dive into his insightful books, or learn more about his journey, this website offers a gateway into the ministry and engaging writing of Father Flanagan. As Bob invites you to journey with him through the dark woods of life's challenges to a place of joy and peace, we hope you find solace and inspiration in his words.


Writing has always been a cornerstone of Father Flanagan's spiritual practice. Since the early 2000s, he has delivered hundreds of sermons, crafted poignant poetry, and published numerous articles in the fields of Christian spirituality and evangelism. His books, including the award winning "Growing a Sustainable Soul" and "The Letters of an Unexpected Mystic," delve into themes of mysticism, mental health, and spiritual growth. His latest work, "Courage to Thrive: Discovering Your True Self," guides readers on a 36-day journey of self-exploration, offering offering insights into finding peace, joy, and hope. Through his writings, Father Bob seeks to illuminate the path from despair to hope, encouraging readers to discover their true selves and deepen their spiritual awareness.

Courage to Thrive

This innovative Bible study will help you know your true self and learn a new way of being as a child of God as you examine family connections, your relationships, the world around you, and God. Discover your core self by reflecting on God’s character and his creation, how he views humans, and how biblical figures discovered who they were through their relationship with each other and God. Thirty-six lessons over six weeks will facilitate personal growth and provide fresh insights to help you thrive through directed Bible readings with commentaries, daily prayers, and links to poems, art, and music.


Unexpected Mystic

The apostle Peter is a pillar of the church whose writing has been overlooked until recently when scholarship remedied this gap, significantly elevating Peter’s letters. However, one critical area has been omitted. Within the Petrine writing is a robust, empowered, and beautiful mystical theology, which makes Peter an unexpected but vital Christian mystic. Written for both the academically inclined and the curious lay person. Reading The Letters of an Unexpected Mystic will help you encounter God through Scripture and the world. You will discover Peter a new!


Growing a Sustainable Soul

Written for both the religiously devout and the spiritually curious, Growing A Sustainable Soul’s friendly and approachable tone inspires readers to connect their personal desire to care for the environment with divine care for creation. It’s a perfect book for church book groups or individuals. Growing a Sustainable Soul won a bronze medal in the Reader’s Favorite International Book Contest.


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