Robert D. Flanagan

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The Chronicles of Ragg: Volume One: the Sword of Gabriel
By: Robert D. Flanagan

Ragg can't get the images out of his mind.  It was then that Ragg, trying to escape the small, dark cave in which his grandfather had hidden him, vowed to exact revenge. He won't stop until all the dragons of the land are dead. In his mind, the only good dragon is a dead dragon.

As he ventures with his new canine companion, Verlon, Ragg seeks to destroy every dragon he finds. But in the process, he discovers the truth about his grandfathers death, the dragons, and his own destiny as he journeys farther into the valley of deaths shadow. Every step brings him closer to the truth and closer to danger. The more he learns, the more complicated things become.

In the midst of his fight between good and evil, he makes friends and discovers enemies. Raggs character is tested, and he must determine if he will become the warrior his people need or if he will remain a lost young man bent on soulless revenge.

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