Robert D. Flanagan

Teaching & Research


Professor Flanagan

Since defending his thesis in 2018, Bob has developed a reputation for teaching and research. His primary teaching areas are Christian Spirituality and Evangelism. He has also taught a course on Pastoral Theology and Ministry and team-taught course on the Process of Knowledge, based on Romano Guardini’s writings. He is looking forward to teaching Episcopal Spirituality in 2025.


His research studies include congregational spirituality, mystical experiences, and ethics of evangelism. He is the author of Current Evangelistic Practices in the Episcopal Church, funded by a 2019 Conant Grant from the Episcopal Church. He has presented findings at the Episcopal Parish Network and the Evangelism Matters Conference and published results in the Episcopal Cafe and The Episcopal New Yorker.

Bob's interest in evangelism continues as he develops an evangelism teaching program that includes a deep dive into the ethics of evangelism and the use of accountability groups.


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